Angels and Demons

As I said in my 1st post, my favourite genre of books is detective fiction and second favourite  is thriller, suspense and crime fiction. This genre’s sheer fast pace and its gripping intensity gets me completely hooked. So it is no wonder that ‘Angels and Demons‘ by Dan Brown got me completely hooked as well.

It is actually a prequel to ‘Da Vinci Code’ but for some reasons unknown to me, Dan Brown wrote ‘Angels and Demons‘ after ‘Da Vinci Code.’ Well, let’s not dwell on that for now, lets move on to the story.

When physicist Leonardo Vetra is brutally murdered in his lab at CERN(Conseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire) in Switzerland, Robert Langdon, a famous Harvard professor of religious iconology, finds himself in a deep, destructive mess he didn’t ask for. To find the murderer, he teams up with Vetra’s daughter, Vittoria and in the perilous journey, they discover a heinous plot hatched by Illuminati, an organisation which was believed to be defunct, in which they plan to blow up the whole Vatican City. Robert and Vittoria cross through dangerous territories, race against time and overcome several twists and turns to eventually unearth shocking truths and  know the murderer’s identity in what is a very surprising and shocking end.

The story is a triumph in suspense fiction because it is unusually high on excitement and is brimming with nail biting scenes. ‘Angels and Demons‘ is very unique because of the eclectic characters that are involved in the book. There has hardly(or perhaps never?) ever been a thriller which has a symbologist, a physicist, CERN, the entire Vatican city and several other singular characters together.Langdon and Vittoria’s journey takes us to innumerable intriguing places-not just the inner sanctums of CERN but also The Sistine Chapel, The Secret Vatican Archives, Piazza Novona, Pantheon and so many more. This unusual mix makes ‘Angles and Demons’ one hell of an adventurous and explosive tale that will keep any reader on the edge of their seats throughout. Like the myriad characters, the book  has so many different elements that join together to form a perfect thriller. ‘Angels and Demons‘ not only has science but also religion, history, legends, architecture and of course gruesome murders, frantic suspense and dollops of mystery.

It is one genius novel and simply unputdownable!