Charlie and The Chocolate Factory-Simply Mouthwatering

All of us may have read at least one Roald Dahl book as a kid and some may have read all his books. I come in the former category because I never really got around to reading Roald Dahl books as I was engrossed in Nancy Drew, Harry Potter or Agatha Christie series as a kid. The few Roald Dahl books I have read are Famous Five, the Mystery series but my favourite remains ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory.’ And I recommend it to anyone of any age. In one word, the book is DELECTABLE! It is a feel good book that will be loved by anyone.

The story is fairly simple yet an interesting one. Charlie Bucket, a small kid and the hero, hails from a poor family. He loves chocolate(which kid doesn’t?) and he longs to visit the Wonka Chocolate Factory. But he can’t because the factory is always shut and no one leaves or enters that place. However, one lucky day. the newspapers announce that the Wonka Chocolate Factory is set to be opened for five lucky kids! Willy Wonka, the eccentric yet clever and brilliant owner of the factory, has placed five Golden Tickets in any 5 of his million chocolates. The children who get the ticket will be allowed to visit the factory and Charlie Bucket becomes one of the lucky few. His visit is the most wondrous of dreams, with chocolate overflowing everywhere and I mean literally everywhere!

The sheer scale of imagination that appears throughout the book-whether in characters or the story or the various types of chocolates-is so captivating that you would find the book brilliant!

‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’ is literally a ‘sweet ‘ book with a happy ending. The language is simple, the plot engaging. The reader will never get bored while perusing it and the childish simplicity of the book with chocolate as its theme is what sets this book apart and makes it a great read for anyone. Children will find it hilarious and delicious and adults will be taken back to their childhood days when longing and dreams were  real!

All in all, its a wonderful book, a light read and anyone who has a sweet tooth or even anyone who doesn’t have a sweet tooth will surely develop one after reading  ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’.

Go, hurry, get your taste buds rolling with this fabulous book!!!

2 thoughts on “Charlie and The Chocolate Factory-Simply Mouthwatering

  1. One Roald Dahl book I recommend highly is “Revolting rhymes” which kids will love and adults will also enjoy.He reinterprets the classic fairy tales in his irreverent poetic way and gives a lovely twist to them.

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