‘Twilight’ by Stephanie Meyer is a huge bestseller all over the world with scores of die-hard fans. I got bitten by this vampire saga when one of my friends told me about the story. I got interested, bought the book and devoured it immediately. ”Twilight’ is the first in the series of four books written by Meyer. It is an extraordinarily different love story with a unique characterization of vampires.

The story is about Isabella Swan, a human, who moves to a town called Forks to live with her dad, Charlie. At Forks High School, she meets Edward Cullen, a vampire, whom she falls,’ unconditionally and irrevocably in love with.’ It then goes on to describe their love story-how they meet, get to know each other and fall deeply in love. However, it is not easy to be in love with a vampire-there are conditions and dangers Bella has to face each time she is with Edward. It is a revelatory book that explores Edward’s world through Bella’s eyes and at each step of the novel there is something new the reader gets to know about Edward and his family.

Its pros are the vivid and detailed descriptions by Meyer which make the story come alive. Secondly, Meyer has not portrayed vampires in a stereotypical way. Instead she has used her imagination to the fullest and given these vampires different traits. It is refreshing to see something that is not heavily influenced by Bram Stoker’s book Dracula. Thirdly the language is appealing, simple, comprehensible and hugely descriptive. It is a  complete book and very well written.

The cons of ‘Twilight’ are the lack of importance to Isabella’s character and her constant gushing over Edward. The book can get a tad bit too mushy and overly romantic at times.

MY VERDICT- a thoroughly good read, a complete paisa vasool, the sort of book you simply read for pleasure, for fun and don’t have to break your head over. With 434 pages, ‘Twilight’ is an engaging book and a light read.

P.S. For those who don’t like romantic novels or who prefer vampires to be evil creatures that roam in the dark, ‘Twilight’ may not be the book for you!