Oh Shit Not Again!

As I said in the post of ‘Keep Off The Grass’, that I love Indian writers and that there is something about their writing that I relate to. However with the book,’Oh Shit, Not Again!’ that is clearly not the case. Written by Mandar Kokate, it lacks in all departments-the storyline, the plot, writing style and the characterization. I will not recommend this book to anyone. The title says it all when it comes to the quality of the story. I wonder how it became a national bestseller.

The story is about four friends. Raj, Arti, Seema and Sam who get involved in all sorts of tricky situations form being caught watching porn or getting involved in murder. The story could have been better if the writing wasn’t so amateurish. It seems rather devoid of concreteness. The plot also fails miserably. It isn’t capturing, hilarious or twisted in any way. The characters have no depth except one or two major qualities. The story is also replete with numerous cliches and stereotypes. Raj’s character comes out not as a ‘flirt chap’ but as a complete pervert which is rather disconcerting.

Thus, Mandar Kokate should stick to civil engineering. He tries way too hard to sound like a writer in the book. And trust me, using big words doesn’t make one a writer. ‘Oh Shit, Not Again’ is a very poorly written book. I do not think it is worth reading. let alone buying!  So, just avoid it!

5 thoughts on “Oh Shit Not Again!

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    • Yes, very true. Many novels by Indian writers today are said to be bestsellers even when the writing is shoddy, the story stale. I guess one shouldn’t buy a book only on the basis of blurbs!

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