Quidd-itchingly Amazing

What could be better than pouring over 56 pages of fun,quirky Quidditch facts to follow up a quick read about the magical beasts in Potter’s world? Admit it now, all Potter fans must have always wanted to own this book since it was first mentioned in the Harry Potter books and Rowling provides all her devoted followers with just the chance(albeit at a high cost which can be forgiven since it contributes to charity like its companion book, ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them’).

So all you crazy, not so crazy, obsessed or normal Muggle witches and wizards, let me present, ‘Quidditch Through The Ages.’ Like its companion book, the proceeds from the purchase of this book go to the charity organization, Comic Relief, and like ‘Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, ‘ this book too is simply fantastic and definitely worth all the money and good cause.

Quidditch Through The Ages‘ is a comprehensive history lesson of the noble wizarding sport, Quidditch. Everything about Quidditch that all HP readers have ever wondered about is answered in this slim volume. The book describes the emergence of broomsticks as a mode of magical transformation, the other wizarding sports, the development and evolution of Quidditch, the different Quidditch teams and the several racing brooms including Harry’s own Nimbus 1000 and Firebolt etc.. This vast treasure chest of Quidditch knowledge is supplemented by good illustrations as well.

Despite the book having a factual basis, it is very much enjoyable thanks to Rowling’s great presentation and writing skills. The book at no point becomes a boring history lesson. Instead with each chapter, fascinating as well as interesting facts turn up that make one marvel at Rowling’s rich imagination. She thought up not only the intriguing, intricate  plots of the seven books but also an equally enthralling history of the wizarding world’s favorite game. ‘Quidditch Through The Ages‘ is undoubtedly imbued by not only her remarkable imagination but also her quirky sense of humorous writing which also shrouds the way she has written about the development of this game. Some aspects( I would love to elaborate on them but that would spoil the fun for all future readers so I am refraining from it) mentioned in the book are bound to make you laugh and say LOL even if you normally don’t use this much abused SMS word.

Just like the Beasts book was a copy of Harry own edition, ‘Quidditch Through The Ages‘ is a facsimile of the Hogwarts Library edition which according to Dumbledore’s Foreword was very difficult to part from Madam Pince. Thus, in order to add to the authenticity, the first page has the names of students who borrowed them and all keen HP readers will recognize all those students immediately. This teeny book broadens all Muggles’ perception of the Harry Potter world and proffers a lot of trivia about Quidditch(like its many rules and fouls) and other aspects mentioned in the septilogy(is this even an actual word?) but are never elaborated on and also draws on a lot from the personalities of various characters from the main series( Read the section ‘Praise for Quidditch Through the Ages and you will know what I am talking about!). Although written by Kennilworthy Whisp in the wizarding world, ‘Quidditch Through The Ages’ has an overt Rowling style to it.

Quidditch Through The Ages‘ is funny, factual, fascinating, fabulous book that gives a systematic overview of ‘the most glorious of sports.’ Don’t go by its size. Good things can come in small packages and this package packs quite a powerful punch in its 56 pages!

Worth it all the way! Just buy it!

Highly recommended.

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