Rumtum the Sailor

Bored of all the run of the mill kiddy books that flood stores? Tired of the same old, oft repeated rhymes?

How about picking up a beautifully illustrated, Rumtum The Sailor, which tells the story of a determined sailor father who resolutely tries to reach home from an unexpected halt at a deserted island.
As he relentlessly tries to get back to his family, he is unknowingly accompanied by none other than a mischievous octopus!

Will Rumtum get back to his family in time? Read and find out!


Written by Kyle Duffy and illustrated by Mary Manning, Rumtum The Sailor is a heart warming, rhyming tale of one father’s quest to reach his beloved family.
Pre-order Rumtum The Sailor here:

The writer with his adorable baby daughter:

Duffy pictures 2

Duffy pictures 6 (1)

Check out their official pages for more info:

Kyle Duffy’s webpage:
Mary Manning’s webpage:

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