Pessoa and His Many Souls

Penguin Modern Series is a blessing as it gives you Pessoa’s wonderful poetry at such a reasonable price!

Oh, that sounded terribly like a marketing campaign. My sincerest apologies!

But, I am definitely a big fan of this Penguin Modern Series since they have such an eclectic collection of writers, some that one may not even have heard of as well!

Now, lets leave this marketing aside, and plunge right into Pessoa’s I Have More Souls Than One.

It is a collection of his poems written as different personas which then perfectly justifies the title (My apologies again, I seem to have a fetish for understanding titles of books and poems often it seems!).

Translated from Portuguese by Jonathon Griffin, all the poems in the collection help the reader get a glimpse into the poet’s mind and his many random thoughts from being absolutely self effacing to having a mundane cold.

The longest poem in the collection, Tobacconist’s, also proffers myriad musings and thoughts that the narrator ponders over while waiting opposite the tobacco shop.

Now, instead of me doing the talking, I shall let his poems beguile you!


And if you ever need a reason to drink wine (Not that one needs a reason though!) :

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