Blurb Appreciation Reviews

I am starting a new series on The Book Cafe called Blurb Appreciation Reviews.

What is it about?

Personally I disapprove of the current trend of having only comments from authors or newspapers at the back of book. So much so that the definition of blurb has become synonymous with that.

But one definition of a blurb is also that the back cover of the book has a short synopsis of the story.

I miss those days when the back covers would actually tell you about the book rather than what others think about it.

How do you expect me to pick up a book if all the back cover says is:





And other such gazillion, run of the mill words that can be substituted above!



However, it does not mean that all books have those distasteful covers.

Through this series of Blurb Appreciation Reviews, I want to highlight books with excellent, well thought out summaries that actually show us what the book is about!

Come join The Book Cafe on a blurbful ride!

So what do you think of blurbs?

Have you come across any good blurbs recently? Share below! Comment and share!

Come do a quick blurb review for The Book Cafe!

Email with any blurby ideas at: or!


8 thoughts on “Blurb Appreciation Reviews

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    • Yes I so agree with this! It happens way too often. I really do not want to know what the world thought about it but rather want to see what the story is

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