Quick Reviews: Boiled Beans on a Toast: A Play

Being from Mumbai, it is easy to be exposed to stories about the stereotypical image about the maximum city being unstoppable and novels based on that idea abound.

But a story about the realities of Bangalore?
Never had heard about that one before except one Indian Institute of Management, (IIM) novel by Karan Bajaj, Keep Off the Grass! But in the case of Keep Off the Grass, the city was just flitting in the background.
Thus, it was a surprise to come across Boiled Beans On Toast: A Play by Girish Karnad where the city comes to the forefront almost as a character in its own right.

What is the play about?

With an intersecting of several characters across several classes whose one common ground is the city of Bangalore itself, Boiled Beans On Toast: A Play gives an interesting “slice of life” depiction. We quickly go from the rich upper class characters of Anjana and her best friend Dolly to the maid servants, Vimala and Muttu, employed in her house, from the bratty rebellious son, Kunal, to the typical awed village to city migrated, office worker, Prabhakar and many more.
From the rich to the poor, from the young to the old, we see all types of characters and personalities. Beneath their actions and traits, lie the realities of the city life in India today- from the anonymity a city provides to the addictions it can entrap you in and not to mention the never ending road widening that haunts all major metropolitans in India today!

One last reason to pick it up?

Me with my title fetishes will suggest that one definite reason to pick the play up is that the title has an interesting story behind it that relates to why Bangalore was named Bangalore!

Aren’t you itching to find out now?

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