Reading Korean Short Stories!

Recently, in my hunt for reading stories from across the world, I came across this excellent website, Korean Literature Now.

It has a great collection of reviews of works, translations, poetry and short stories written by Korean and other authors.

Below are links to four short stories that were marvellous:

1. Seshiru, Juhee by Park Min-Jung.

It is a beautiful story of two friends coming together: one to learn Korean and the other to teach but both have their own back stories that are tantalisingly touched upon.

2. Run, Dad by Kim Ae-ran.

What would happen if your own conception of your missing father confronts you one day through an unexpected letter from far away?

3. Today’s Lie from the book, The Loneliness of Others by Jeong Yi Hyun.

Loneliness and lack of relationship and what it means to grow up is the gist of this story. Not philosophical or preachy but a direct, straightforward way to say that the simplest and most subtlest things can point to your maturity.

4. Because I Hate Korea by Chang Kang-myoung.

The story is about a Korean citizen living in Australia who comes back to his home to give the IELTS exam, meets his friends and family without telling them about an unexpected problem he got himself wrapped in: about parachute jumping from balconies!

5. Here is a bonus:

An excerpt from Human Acts by Han Kang:

The excerpt below traces what it feels like to be amidst a student rebellion with the absence of fear and the crowd surging you on versus when you are alone in a police lock up with no one to support you.

You can find many more stories and excerpts here!

P.S. You do need to register with the website and make an account to read the full stories. It is free of cost though.

Hope you have a wonderful time exploring more stories.

Let me know what you think of the stories once you read them in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “Reading Korean Short Stories!

  1. I simply can’t read enough and I have passed on this trait to my oldest son. I love every opportunity to get free books and soak up the stories. I’d like to read Run Dad. I think that is the title I will check out. Thanks so much for sharing.

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