Guest Post: A Guide to Making Money off Thrift Store Bookshops!

For many the idea of being able to profit from something that they truly love is not a reality.  It instead is a dream, often thought to be an unrealistic dream at that.  People who dream this dream often do not have the tools to turn it into a reality.  This post will outline how to turn a passion for books and shopping into profit in 5 simple steps!  I, personally, have followed the steps below and now boast a profit of over 1k monthly from reselling books I find at thrift stores.

By reading this post you, too, will gain the skills to begin making money on books you find at the thrift store!

  1. Set goals!

Before you dive into the world of reselling books think about and annotate why you are doing so and set realistic goals, also realize that goals do not have to be strictly financial.  For example, such a goal could be to read 100 books.  You could purchase a book, read it, then sell it for the same price you brought it.  Another example could be you setting a goal to clear off your bookshelf and purchase  a new one.


  1. Keep Track

After you have established your goals construct a detailed spreadsheet which outline the numeric details of your plan.  For example, if your goal is to make $500 a month you would determine on your spreadsheet how many books you’ll need to sell on average to meet that goal and at what price.


  1. Buy

Now you are ready to buy your books for cheap!  Take your time and make sure to adhere strictly to the list of books you want to buy.  Don’t be that person that goes into the store for one thing and thing then comes out with 10.  I recommend buying books cheaply on because that circumvents the pattern of irrational buying that most of us fall into when we’re at a store.


  1. Sell

Use an online site like Ebay to resell your books.  Make sure to take really great pictures and to be extremely descriptive in your post.  For example, if the book has a pen mark on a random page note that.


  1. Packaging

When you make a sale you likely breathe a sigh of relief that it’s over, you did it.

Well, not yet actually!  You still have to package and ship the item!

You want to make the buyer feel like they are opening a gift, so I recommend wrapping your book in wrapping paper initially.  I use the following wrapping paper as it’s low-cost, unique, and most importantly cute!  Some other options can be found online or in store.  Once you wrap it you can get a shipping box free of cost from the post office to place it in and most selling sites allow you to print out needed postage that you will need to attach to the shipment so once you do that you can sit back and wait for your 5-star rating.

About the author:

This post was penned by Brandi Hebert of Creole Thrift (  Creole Thrift is a blog about all things thrift related and low cost beauty items.  In her free time Brandi enjoys thrifting, reading, writing, travelling, and looking cute for less!


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