Quick Reviews: The Dog Who Dared to Dream

This lovely novella, The Dog Who Dared to Dream, is the second story I came across written by Sun-Mi Hwang. The first one was The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly, which I would highly recommend! Read my review here!


What is the book about? 

The Dog Who Dared to Dream focuses on an old couple who raise dogs and litters to get some extra money. Grandpa Screecher and Grandma Screecher are simple farmers who get some side money through the dogs. Soon a litter is born to the mother dog and one peculiar one, Scraggly, stands out because of her black, blue shaggy fur. Intertwined with the tales of the puppies is a wily cat who befriends the dogs and hangs out on the wall. When motherhood comes to Scraggly, she faces her troubles just like her own mother did with her puppies getting hurt or dying.

It is a touching tale from a dog’s point of view and the hardships they face along with the bond they share with Grandpa Screecher!

I honestly liked the The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly much better perhaps that is because it had a wonderful layering of several lessons or ideas you could take from the story.

The Dog Who Dared to Dream, though as heartwarming and touching as the previous one, does not have the same echo.

One last reason to pick it up? 

It is a must for all dog lovers and The Dog Who Dared to Dream will give you a warm fuzzy feeling on a relaxed Sunday afternoon!

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