Ito Junji’s Cat Diary: Yon and Mu!

Ito Junji’s horror mangas are well renowned but this famous Cat Diary takes a step away from the usual gory affairs and gives an autobiographical look at how Junji warmed up to two pet cats his fiance got into their lives.

Cat Diary starts with the author moving into a new house in Gifu with his fiance.

And that turns his world upside because his cat loving fiance brings her parents’ cat, Yon, from their house in Chiba.

Yon is a scary cat nicknamed, “the cat with an accursed face”, since it has an eerie print of a skull on its back.

Horror may be his forte, but the accursed face scares the living daylights out of Junji Ito in Cat Diary!

Quite ironical, yeah?

Despite Ito’s internal refusals to accept cats in the house, he goes along with his fiance’s ideas (perhaps this is another one of those stereotypes on how husbands have no say in any decisions or how they are bullied by their female partners!)

To keep Yon some company, his fiance decides to adopt one more cat. Much to the horror of Junji who did not even want one cat in the first place and now has to face the prospect of getting two of them!

Unlike Yon, Mu is a cute Norwegian kitten that the fiance gets from a convention on cats. He may be cute but he does bite! Ouch!

There are some horror elements in Cat Diary as well which are both hilarious and absurd such as when Junji gets the sudden need to gobble the cats up  and transforms into a crazed monster who  does not know what to do with Mu’s overwhelming cuteness or when he hallucinates and thinks of Yon as a giant slug or worse, a snake!

He clearly struggles with his deep seated nausea towards cats and this new found ever-growing softness for his pets!

Despite his initial reluctance, he does seem to want to get close to the cats such as when he wants the two cats to give him kisses that they give his wife, or when he wants them to sleep on his futon or when he wants to learn how to play with them.

With just 10 chapters, Cat Diary is an adorable, comical read that will have you in splits with the many incidents that show how the author eventually falls in love with them awkwardly despite his initial shock at the thought of adopting cats. It gives a warm yet creepy sensation when we see how Junji gets comfortable with the cats and how he thinks of them first instinctively!

The manga is a great read for all cat lovers or even those who are soon to become beguiled by the cat species!

P.S. There are even pictures of both Yon and Mu in the manga and that sure makes the story a treat for all cat lovers!

Cat Lovers Unite! 😀

3 thoughts on “Ito Junji’s Cat Diary: Yon and Mu!

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  2. Absurd cat Horrors! I can’t wonder, but for a coward like me, maybe the fact that this is only 10 chapters might inspire me to read! Also wondering – why is it that the constant themes in so many books around our cat friends – is how people slowly grow to love cats! Guess there are only two kinds of people – the kinds who take the time to fall in love with cats, and the kinds who are instantly in love with them. Not that the cat cares!

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